Monday, June 10


Was an unlikely member of America’s vast intelligence corps. First encountered the NSA not as a recruit from an elite college but as a security guard working at one of the organisation’s secret facilities at the university of Maryland. amortization, attorney search, california attorney general, federal attorney, federal loans, government student loans, insurance news, look insurance, national insurance, rate calculator, what is apr

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umojaresearch said...

Dianne Feinstein, chair of the intelligence committee made clear her disapproval of Snowden. "What he did was an act of treason," she said.

Treason is an act against the Nation, or Sovereign Nation, in this case the USA. It's hard to believe Snowden committed Treason when he was actually committed to the best interest of the People of the USA, by exposing violations of American Law against the People, as well as the Constitution.

It's my opinion, if Snowden had given the World all the information he was privileged to, that may have been considered Treason, but warning the People of unconstitutional acts against their Privacy was an act of Patriotism towards the Nation as a whole. The U.S. Government is a supposed Servant to The People and when any government abuses its powers, those abuses should be exposed in the best interest of the Nation as a whole, in my opinion.

He worked in the best interest of the Nation, even though it exposed Government abuse of power.

We can each draw our own conclusions to Snowden being a Hero or otherwise, My opinion is he worked in the Best Interest of "We The People".

Edward Snowden risked his Life, Liberty & Happiness to protect the Liberties of the American People from government abuse, by exposing that abuse to "We The People".